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Sophie loves Autumn

I love autumn. It feels like I have 3 more months to accomplish what I wanted for the year so it kicks me in the booty. I like it. Sweating in the fall is a statement. It says, I am back on track. It says, I am ready to get my routine of health and wellness down again. I just love autumn.
Three autumns ago…September 21, 2012, we opened our doors. Well, we opened a bottle of sparkling water and declared it open with the painters, the wood workers and the friends who came to celebrate with us. September 21st was critical to me. Because it is International Day of Peace, and seriously, I am convinced that the more people sweat, the more Peace the planet is going to have.

So it has been three years. We have worked hard, and we have loved every minute because of you. Because you told us stories of your bodies changing, your skin changing, your sleep changing, your life changing. And it is so fun to watch you feel better and like your lives better.

It has been hot this summer. Yes. We have noticed too. And yet, you came. You are troopers. You must have known, intuitively, how good it is to sweat when it’s so hot to detox our sluggish bodies. Well done. The gods of sweating will give it right back at you in the form of more energy and releasing retained water and giving you better sleep.

Yes. Autumn. Let’s treat it as the second start of the year. What would you like to see when you turn around December 31st and look at what you did between now and then? What would make you feel good? Cause I am pretty sure sweating can help you get there. I am biased, mind you. Don’t take my word for it. Give it a spin for yourself and see how you feel. We are here for you. Tell us how we can support you better. Because when we look back in December, that is what we, the people of Shape House want to see. A bunch of you. Looking healthy and feeling full of energy doing really exciting things.