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The Smallest Drop

This week is a very important one for Shape House. September 21st, 2015 marked Shape House’s three-year anniversary- three years of loving, laughing, and growing. And at the heart of it all: three years of sweating.

When we first opened our doors, I had no idea that we’d come this far in such a short time. But I did know that we would go far eventually- because I believe in the power of sweat. We chose to open our doors on the 21st of September (even though we scrambled to make it happen) because that date is International Day of Peace- and before Shape House was even founded, I knew that there was a very special connection there.

Sweating leads to peace. That conviction has carried us this far, and I know it will take us even farther in the days, months, and years to come.

There’s a French concept, “infiniment grand et petit” that touches everything we do. The idea roughly translates to “the infinitely large is small”. Originally coined by the French philosopher Pascal, the core of the idea lies in the fact that one small thing is reflected in the largest parts of the universe, and vice versa.

Peace can be found in the smallest drop of sweat.

I’ve said many times that I want there to be a Shape House in every city in the world. I mean that, and with three years, three locations, and over 16,000 sweaters under our belts, the realization of that dream is coming closer than ever.

We saw early on that sweating had more effects than just physical ones. Yes, sweating helps you lose weight. Yes, sweating will make your skin look better. Yes, sweating will lead to a great night’s sleep, and will give you an energy that you might not have felt in years.

But even more than that, sweating helps you to be joyful, to be relaxed…to be peaceful. You might notice it in the little things- less road rage, more patience, etc., but it affects the big things too. Sweating helps you to be the best version of yourself. And the more of us that walk around as the best versions of ourselves, the more the world will know peace. Infiniment grand et petit.

I’ve seen sweat working. I’ve seen it in myself, in my friends, in total strangers, and even (dare I say it) all over Los Angeles. And if it works here, it will work elsewhere. I believe that. And I know we’re ready for it.

The future holds so much promise. Shape House has come so far already, and I cannot wait to see what the next three years bring.

Until then, happy sweating. Happy…and peaceful.